About Us

The Lunar Cougar is a University of Houston blog featuring some of our 266,000 alumni and how they use the skills they learned at UH to make a difference in their communities every day. Posts are created by writers on the University Advancement team.

Why are we so excited to share these stories with you? Because UH alumni take the skills they learned here on their adventures across Texas, the country, the world and — in some cases — past the stratosphere. But our astronaut alumni aren’t the only ones who are out of this world. Cougars are CEOs, engineers, activists and politicians, artists and community leaders, educators and health care innovators. We’ve got our feet on the ground, taking action and affecting change. Maybe sometimes we feel more like space cadets. But ultimately, we’re a part of a rich UH tradition, making a difference in our communities in Houston and around the world.

For more profiles of UH alumni and supporters, visit UH’s University Advancement home page, or check out our monthly round-up posts. Know a Cougar we should feature? Contact us at lunarcougar@uh.edu with suggestions and feedback. Thank you for visiting the Lunar Cougar!