Support For a Treasured Tradition

by Carolyn Hartmann


For UH friends and alumni, a University of Houston sporting event would not be complete without the revered cougar-costumed mascot, Shasta making an appearance. Between 1947 and 1989, five live cougars served as the University’s mascots. Since Shasta V’s passing in 1989, costumed UH students proudly carried on the Game Day tradition.  A costumed Sasha mascot eventually began making appearances with Shasta, and now the two are seen at many UH program and events.


Do you ever wonder what it takes to serve as a UH mascot. Serving as Shasta for 2 years, Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations, Mike Pede remembers, “It was a great experience for me to represent UH all around the country as Shasta.  To be beloved by kids and adults alike, while getting to add to the perception of UH around the city”. 


The UH Mascots are a tangible expression of Cougar Pride who serve as the voice of enthusiasm and who uplift our community to new heights of expression and fellowship.  Funds to the UH Band help support the mascot program as needed.  Your gift will be a way to thank our hard-working mascots for enthusiastically upholding campus tradition. Visit: to make your gift today, noting “Mascots” in the gift designation box.