Remembering FAB

by Carolyn Hartmann


Mr. F. Allan Bryant was an engineer’s engineer, and truly a Professional Engineer. He had a knack for distilling complex behavior into an understandable behavioral system. He would often start with a differential equation for that behavior and then devise his own matrix solution for it. In earlier years, he would write a FORTRAN solver to get to a solution; in later years he would use PC math tools to do the job; if a tool did not readily exist, he would create his own tool and utilize it.

Mr. Bryant obtained a Bachelor of Science from University of Texas, Austin in Structural Engineering and then a Master of Science in Structural Engineering from University of Houston. He began his engineering career with NASA, and then moved on to Cameron Iron, where he was a design engineer. He then began working for to The Offshore Company to gain experience in the oil exploration industry. In the 1970s, he started his own consulting company, Bryant Engineering, where he contracted work with various oil exploration companies. He loved his work, which took him on many adventures around the world.

Mr. Bryant believed in getting the younger generation involved in engineering to help better the world and to get them involved in a career that he thoroughly enjoyed.

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