rene gonzalez

Paying Homage to a Special Legacy: Rene S. Gonzalez Memorial Endowed Scholarship

by Carolyn Hartmann

Rene Sanchez Gonzalez was a man of strong faith, born in El Campo, Texas. In his early teens, he was a born again child of God through saving faith in Jesus Christ his Savior and Lord. Rene graduated from El Campo High School and then attended Wharton Community College.


Support For a Treasured Tradition

by Carolyn Hartmann

For UH friends and alumni, a University of Houston sporting event would not be complete without the revered cougar-costumed mascot, Shasta making an appearance.


Philanthropy at its Best

by Carolyn Hartmann

The spirit of philanthropy is alive and well at University of Houston. Learn how one man’s love of learning came to benefit up-and-coming students at the University of Houston.


Remembering FAB

by Carolyn Hartmann

Mr. F. Allan Bryant was an engineer’s engineer, and truly a Professional Engineer. He had a knack for distilling complex behavior into an understandable behavioral system. He would often start with a differential equation for that behavior and then devise his own matrix solution for it. In earlier years, he would write a FORTRAN solver to get to a solution; in later years he would use PC math tools to do the job; if a tool did not readily exist, he would create his own tool and utilize it.

Left, Nour Haikal, Right, Deborah Okoro

Endless Possibilities

by Carolyn Hartmann

The Honors College at the University of Houston provides students with an exhilarating, intellectual environment grounded in an “education for life” philosophy. Beyond challenging curricula, students are encouraged to step outside the boundaries and explore the world around them. We recently caught up with two students from the Honors College who are doing just that.


The Power of Philanthropy

by Carolyn Hartmann

The culture of philanthropy at the University of Houston is more vibrant than ever. Our donor base is growing at every level, and that means there are more stories to tell every day. With this spirit in mind, please enjoy learning about the transformative power of giving in our new annual publication.


The Promise of Impact

by Carolyn Hartmann

Every year, gifts from our donors positively impact the lives of University of Houston students. Their reasons for giving are as diverse as the donors themselves. Learn more how your gift changes a life.


Happy Holidays!

by Carolyn Hartmann

As the year comes to a close, we pause to reflect on the things for which we are truly grateful. The generosity of our donors makes a lasting impact on our students and campus community. Wishing you and yours a joyous holiday season with peace and cheer in the New Year.


Save the Date!

by Carolyn Hartmann

The University of Houston is celebrating #GivingCoogsDay in concert with the global day of giving on Tuesday, November 28, 2017. This special day-once a year-harnesses the collective power of individuals, communities and organizations to encourage philanthropy and celebrate generosity.



by Carolyn Hartmann

The University of Houston is well-known for providing rich and diverse experiences to its many students. One such program, SURF (Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship) does that and much more. We would like to introduce you to some of the program’s participants as they share their research and plans for the future.