Calling All Coogs

by Carolyn Hartmann

Through August 31, 2016, the University of Houston aims to dramatically increase the number of undergraduate alumni giving back to any area of the University. Undergraduate alumni are the lifeblood of the UH community, and when joined together, makes a powerful statement to our students as well as the community at-large.


Our alumni giving rate is one indication of how much we value our UH experience. When prospective students and their families—not to mention potential donors—evaluate institutions in which to invest, they can discern the lasting impact the University has had on the lives of its students, in part from the alumni giving rate. Alumni giving is also a criterion used in the national rankings of colleges and universities. Your gift publicly demonstrates your pride in the University of Houston and your investment in its future.

As a student, you thrived in a challenging, thought-provoking educational setting and prospered in experiential learning opportunities that so perfectly prepared you for life after college. But your UH experience continues to this day. You are a Coog for life. Much like you, current students experience UH in their own way, every single day. Their opportunities and successes are quite often dependent on the generosity of friends and alumni.

Your support can make all the difference to our dedicated students, providing the resources they need to learn, discover and innovate. Annual contributions are essential to the continued success of our research, programs and initiatives, allowing students to receive a Tier One education.

With your help, the University can provide scholarships, participate in ground-breaking research, retain world-class faculty, and modernize classroom offerings. We ask that you exert your cougar pride today and Make a Gift to support the next generation of leaders and scholars. As a token of our appreciation for your generosity, you will receive USB bracelet, symbolizing your dedication to your alma mater.

One of our alumni donors recently said that there is nothing wrong with making the path easier for the ones that came before you. In the spirit of this sentiment, make a transformative difference and pave the way for fellow Coogs everywhere!