A Tier One Match at Bauer

by Carolyn Hartmann

The C.T. Bauer College of Business believes that each student deserves the opportunity to succeed and aligns resources to help support this belief. The Bauer College Alumni Association (BCAA) is one such resource. The BCAA actively contributes to student success by providing a bridge to the business community, actively engaging students in recruiting, mentoring, and career services events.

In 2012, the BCAA established an endowment for the University of Houston’s Tier One Scholarship. The Tier One Scholarship recruits high-caliber students who can pursue academic excellence without financial limitations. “The BCAA saw the Tier One Scholarship as the perfect opportunity to make a never-ending gift to further the cause of our great University,” said former BCAA President, Matthew Houston. “I was delighted to hear that the fruits of our labor years ago are still benefitting deserving students today and will benefit future students for years to come.”

In 2013, Alec Johnson became one of the first recipients to be awarded the Tier One Scholarship, as established by the BCAA. Originally from Fort Worth, Texas, Alec wanted to pursue his studies somewhere close to home. “I had my sights set on three colleges in Texas. Having two other siblings, financials were definitely factors that affected my decision. When I received the Tier Scholarship, it was a dream come true. I had visited the UH campus and immediately fell in love with it. I knew UH was the place for me.”

When asked to describe the “Bauer Student Experience,” Alec was quick to elaborate on the family-like atmosphere. “The Bauer College has the Honors Commons area, which has become my second home. It essentially has everything you need from a quiet study place to a social networking haven. I also can speak to my advisors whenever the need arises.”

While academics have always remained a key focal point, Alec also relishes in participating in the full UH experience as well. “I will always remember the first time when I stormed the football field with my friends after UH won the athletic conference in 2015. I also enjoy attending University-sponsored events whenever I can and participating in intramural sports.”

In describing his fun-filled memories at UH, Alec affirms that it was all made possible through the Tier One Scholarship. “I have heard horror stories from other students who feel enormous pressure to pay off their student loans. I can’t imagine having to face that fear. I have been able to devote 100 percent to my studies, which has allowed me to maintain a high GPA. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities that that the Tier One Scholarship has afforded me.”

Alec Johnson will graduate in May 2017 with a degree in finance and minors in accounting and MIS. Alec hopes to pursue work as a credit analyst and is currently exploring career opportunities with some financial institutions in the area. We have no doubt that Alec will be successful in all his pursuits.

Left to Right: Former BCAA President Matthew Houston, Tier One Scholar Alec Johnson, BCAA President Patrick Gonzales