A Day of Giving Thanks

by Carolyn Hartmann

The Student Plaza Center was the place to be on April 7, 2016 when the University of Houston celebrated Philanthropy Awareness Day. Each Spring, the Office of Annual Giving sets aside one day where students can say thank you to the generous giving community who have impacted their student experience.  While over 300 students attended the event, we would like to share an excerpt of their heartfelt appreciation.


“Thank you so much for supporting my university. It really makes a difference knowing that someone cares about my education.  I hope to one day do the same for future generations who have trouble paying for school.”

Edith Rubio (‘2018)



“I’m feel very grateful for what this amazing university has done for me. It allowed me to travel, obtain internships, and soon-to-be the first person in my family to graduate college.  Thank you for your contributions.”

Maria Smith



“Thank you for your support! My degree has enabled me to enroll in a PHD in Public Health and provide care to children at Texas Children’s hospital.  I’m so grateful for people like who make such a wonderful education possible.”

Claire Crawford



“Thank you so much for everything you do for this wonderful university. Without your support, we would be unable to expand and get to the level that this university can reach.”

Walter Goldshire (‘2018)


“Thank you to all who pave the way for generations to come. Without you, there would be no road to success.”

Carlos Salinas


“Thank you for contributing so much to UH and making sure I live the cougar experience to its fullest potential.”

Jorge Campos (‘2019)


“Thank you so much for giving back to UH. UH is amazing in regards to the campus lifestyle and its people.  I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for your support.  I plan to give back to the university through a non-profit one day to help others.”

Hugo Sanchez


“Thank you for the wonderful donations. It’s nice to see our campus hosts Philanthropy Day.”

Jeff Chu


“Thank you for your donations. Because of you, I have my scholarship and have one less worry while focusing on my studies.  We have very nice facilities at school that I enjoy with my friends.”

Michele Alviter (‘2018)


“Thank you for our support. I was able to receive an academic scholarship to help me pursue my dreams and really enjoy the new facilities on campus.”

Elisa Gonzalez (‘2018)


“Thank you for your support. I appreciate the contributions which enhance my student experience.  Thank you for your perseverance for the betterment of the community.”

Jorge Limon (‘2018)


“Thank you so much for your support after graduation. It inspires students to do the same once we graduate.”

Roopali Mehra (‘2018)


“Thank you for supporting the campus. We really appreciate your help of giving us a better education and really good events.  I wish you all the best.”

Raphael Midy (‘2018)



“Thank you for your kind support that helped us achieve our goals and put us one step closer to a successful future.”

Mohammed Hoasan


“Thank you so much for helping us accomplish our goals. Thanks to the faculty and staff always being there whenever we have problems.”

Sere (‘2017)


“Thank you for supporting the education and betterment for future generations. I’ve personally been blessed by your desire to provide for as a school.”

Efran Seguria (‘2018)


“Thank you so much for donating to the university. Your donations have made our school a better place.  I’m graduating in May, and I cannot wait to start donating to this university.”

Alicia Garza (‘2016)


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