Philanthropy matters for


Scholarships are the gateway to a student’s future. They allow driven scholars to study without undue hardship.

Hilton Alumnus Creates Center for Student Success. Believing that opportunity breeds potential, University of Houston System (UHS) Regent Doug Brooks (’75) and his wife Holly graciously donated $1 million to create the Hilton College Center for Student Success. From questions regarding the application process to graduation day logistics, every student need is addressed accordingly.

Brooks refers to the new establishment as a “visual marketing spot”— where students, alumni, faculty, staff and hotel guests can network and foster creativity. “It has always been my hope, as an alumnus of the Hilton College, to encourage and support the hospitality leaders of the future,” said Brooks.

Carolyn and Jerry Warren Lessen the Burden for Students in NSM. Carolyn and Alton (Jerry) Warren (M.S. ’65) were able to see firsthand how their generous scholarship gift has impacted the lives of College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (NSM) students. “The students were well-versed in their fields of study,” said Warren.

As a result of the Warren’s kindness, students will be able to pursue their dreams without limitations. “Our scholarship may help lessen the burden for another promising student,” said Carolyn and Jerry Warren.

The Crumrines Share Their Blessings With Bauer Students. Daniel (M.S. ’86) and Carol (M.Ed. ’89) Crumrine give of both their time and treasure to the University of Houston. Through the Daniel and Carol Crumrine Scholarship in the C.T. Bauer College of Business, students will receive a nice boost. “We do not want to see students miss the opportunities that await them due to financial circumstances,” said Crumrine.