Our leadership donors, along with thousands of other alumni and friends, have helped provide a better University of Houston experience for our students, faculty, staff and the Houston community. We extend a special thanks to the following benefactors who have helped us transform UH.


Ezekiel W. Cullen Society (UH’s most generous individual donors whose lifetime giving totals $250,000 or more as of February 1, 2019)

The Honorable Morrie K. Abramson (’56)* and Rolaine Abramson
Anjali Agrawal and Hari Agrawal
Brij M. Agrawal (’88) and Sunita Agrawal
The Honorable Durga D. Agrawal (M.S. ’69, Ph.D. ’74) and Sushila Agrawal
Joan C. Alexander (’55) and Stanford J. Alexander
The Honorable Spencer D. Armour (’77) and Rebecca A. Armour (’76)
Laura and John Arnold
Carl Arp (’64) and Dorothy Hughes
Joe Arp, Jr. (’61) and Elizabeth Arp
Judith M. Baker (’77) and S. Joseph Baker, Jr. (’68)
Michael A. Baker (’68, J.D. ’71)
Teresa Baker
Doug Barnes (’75) and Molly Barnes
Raymond Bartels (’71)
Brooks Earl Bassler (’02) and Maricela Bassler
Louis Miller Bassler (’75) and Kathie Bassler
Ray Battin
Jeffery Beauchamp (’69, M.S. ’73)
Roland H. Beck (FS ’74) and Cynthia Beck
Robert L. Beck (’76)
Ashley Beecher (UHD ’08) and
Clark Beecher (’00)
Beth Bellow (’72) and Dan G. Bellow (’73)
Deborah L. Berry (’89) and
Robert T. Berry (FS ’81)
Susan Bickley (’84) and Robert Scott
Eugenia Ybanez Blomstrom (FS ’86) and
David B. Blomstrom (’61)
Robert Boblitt (FS ’82)
Mike Booker (FS ’55) and Patricia Booker
Marie Bosarge
Michael L. Brem (’79, M.B.A. ’81, J.D. ’90) and Katherine B. Brem
The Honorable Douglas H. Brooks (’75) and Holly Brooks
William A. Brookshire (’57)*
Cece Brune (FS ’68) and A.J. Brune, III (’70)
J. W. “Willie” Burns (’58)* and Gail Blattel Burns
Mary H. Cain and Gordon A. Cain*
Yolanda Cantu (’78) and Alonzo Cantu (’78)
Mike Carpenter (’89) and Carter Carpenter
The Honorable Michael J. Cemo
(’68, Honorary ’17) and Rebecca Cemo
Lydia Chao and James Chao
Mary Chastang and Joe Chastang
Patrick B. Chastang (’01) and
Meredith Riddle Chastang
May P. Chu and Paul C. W. Chu
Jane M. Cizik (’83) and Robert Cizik
Kim B. Clarke (’81) and John A. Clarke (’81)
Barbara J. Cobb (’71) and
John O. Cobb (’71, M.S. ’79)
Cathy Collins and Thomas Collins
Chad Thomas Collins (’96)
Alice C. Conlon (M.Ed. ’72, Ed.D. ’90) and Michael W. Conlon
Judy W. Cook (’89) and Mark D. Cook (’84)
Rose Cook and Issa Cook
Cheryl D. Creuzot (’81, J.D. ’92. M.L.L. ’99,
M.B.A. ’12) and Percy Creuzot
Rosanette Mary Cullen (FS ’57) and
Harry H. Cullen (’58)
Jim L. Culpepper (’67)
Rowshan Daneshy and Abbas A. Daneshy
Linda L. Davis and Bruce L. Williams
Baron Ugo A. di Portanova*
Andrea Diamond (J.D. ’76) and
Andrew Diamond (J.D. ’73)
Michael D. Dishberger (M.B.A. ’93) and
Debra McLean Dishberger
Patricia S. Dodds-Hollis (Ed.D. ’84) and
Neil Hollis
Joanne Doherty (J.D. ’85) and
Larry J. Doherty (’68, J.D. ’70)
Dan L. Duncan Family
Elaine A. Ebner (’82) and Thomas A. Ebner (’80)
Zeina Fares and Nijad Fares
William Fendley (’71)
The Honorable Tilman J. Fertitta (’78) and
Paige Fertitta
Aggie L. Foster (’78, M.B.A. ’86)
Nancy Frees Fountain and Edmund M. Fountain, Jr.
Julia A. Frankel and Russell M. Frankel
Lance T. Funston (’67) and Christina Funston
Richard I. Galamba
Raymond T. Garcia (’64, M.B.A. ’88)
Shirley Garner and Norman E. Garner
Oscar L. Garza (J.D. ’88)
Andy G. Gessner (’68) and Barbara J. Gessner
Pete L. Gonzalez (’74, M.B.A. ’94, J.D. ’94)
Donna Greenlee and Steve Greenlee
James S. Guinn, II (FS ’92) and Melissa Guinn
Kanta K. Gupta
Thomas H. Guthrie
Joe Gutierrez (’89, M.B.A. ’14) and
Faith Gutierrez
Fred Haas (FS ’51)
Suzanne Harter and Steve Harter
Les Haulbrook and Donna Haulbrook
Chaille Hawkins
Thomas Francis Hetherington (J.D. ’98)
Ouida Jo Hembree (’49)
Barbara M. Henley and Ernest J. Henley
The Honorable Leroy L. Hermes (’66) and
Barbara V. Hermes
Gerald D. Hines (Honorary ’12) and Barbara Hines
Pat Hoffman and Barbara Hoffman
Karen O. Hofmeister and John D. Hofmeister
Cecil Holder (’60) and Louise Holder
Michael V. Holley (’90) and Misti Holley
James Hong (’05)
Clay H. Hoster (’73) and Lynn Hoster
Monzer Hourani
Laura H.N. Hsu and Thomas T.C. Hsu
Terry Huffington and Ralph Dittman
Bill Jackson (J.D. ’92) and Shawn Jackson
Sheila K. Johnstone
Mike Jones
Judith Jones (’65) and Walter Jones (’65)
Stacey Jones and Craig Jones
Mary L. Kadish and Karl M. Kadish
Marie-Luise Kalsi (M.S. ’69) and
Manmohan Kalsi (M.S. ’70, Ph.D. ’75)
Melissa F. Kean and Steven Kean
M. Fran Keeth (’77, M.B.A. ’80, J.D. ’88) and
Henry Carlton Keeth (’90)
Joan Kelleher and Herbert Kelleher
The Honorable James Ketelsen* and
Kathryn Ketelsen
John L. King (’92) and Julie King
Leigh Ann King (J.D. ’85) and
Gregory Charles King (J.D. ’85)
Robert Kneppler (’85) and Susie Kneppler
Kathy Koch (M.A. ’91) and Stephen Koch
Marion K. Kochi*
Troy A. Kyle (’04) and Jodi Kyle
Robert Larkins
Linda Lay
Dorothy Ledergerber and Eduardo Ledergerber
Jane H. Lerner (’68, M.B.A. ’71, J.D. ’79) and
A. Ronald Lerner (’68)
Aylwin Lewis (’76, M.B.A. ’90) and
Noveline Lewis
Carl Lewis (FS ’82)
Manmeet K. Likhari and Prithvipal Likhari
Judith C. Lilie (’95) and Glenn T. Lilie (FS ’68, Honorary ’16)
Carol Linn and Michael C. Linn
Ronald E. Lohec (’55) and Bertha “Bo” Lohec*
Peter V. Lomonte, Jr. (’52)
Gerald B. Long (’79, J.D. ’84) and Lori Long
Howard S. Lorch (’66, M.Ed. ’68) and Jamie Lorch
Dale Lowe (’70) and Nancy Lowe
Nancy Luton (M.A. ’84, Ph.D. ’91)
The Honorable Beth Madison (’72)
Jody G. Marrs (’78, M.Ed. ’87) and
David G. Marrs (’89)
Lynn Mason(’80) and Marcel Mason (’78)
Nick Massad, Jr. (’73, Honorary ’12) and
Vicki L. Massad
Charles W. Matthews, Jr. (J.D. ’70) and
Karen Matthews
LaVirle McCary
The Honorable Gene McDavid (’65)* and
Betty McDavid
The Honorable Gerald W. McElvy (’75) and
Sylvia E. McElvy
Kathrine G. McGovern (FS ’61)
James F. McIngvale (Honorary ’15) and
Linda L. McIngvale
Reginald McKamie, Sr. (J.D. ’86)
Darlene M. McNabb and John T. McNabb
Beverly A. McPhail (M.S.W. ’89) and Kevin Kulish
Greg Miller
William Barry Milner (’82) and Celia Milner
Melinda Moak (J.D. ’96) and
Paul D. Moak (’92, J.D. ’95)
Hazel H. Montgomery
The Honorable Jack B. Moore (’77) and
Debbie L. Moore (’78)
Barry Moores (’75, O.D. ’76) and Natalie Moores
The Honorable John J. Moores (’70, J.D. ’75, Honorary ’95) and Dianne Moores
Molly Moores (’72)
Rebecca Baas Moores (’70)
Sallie C. Morian and Michael H. Clark
Michael Mueller (’74) and Jo M. Mueller
Jim Nantz (’81) and Courtney Nantz
Marvin D. Nathan (’66, J.D. ’69) and Arlene Nathan
John L. Nau, III
Sandy New
Pamela L. Newman (’74, UHCL M.S. ’81) and Patrick J. Newman (’69)
Rosalind Newton
Dorothy T. Nicholson (’77)
Marvin Odum (M.B.A. ’95) and Mariloli Odum
Pamela A. O’Rourke (’95) and
Timothy L. O’Rourke (’89)
Mark G. Papa (M.B.A. ’80) and Susan Papa
Dean G. Pappas (’81) and Katherine R. Pappas
Paul A. Peacock (’81)
Richard Earl Penick (’78) and Tricia Penick
Jim M. Perdue (’61, J.D. ’62) and Patricia C. Perdue
Jim Mac Perdue, Jr. (’93) and Nicole Perdue
Doylene Rita Perry (UHCL M.A. ’88)
Sharon B. Planck (’70) and Robert D. Planck (’71)
John Isaac Prestwood (’67) and
Mary Ann Prestwood
Rikki Raflo (’94)
Ron Rand
Leigh A. Rappole and Clinton L. Rappole
Richard G. Rawson (’72) and Dawn Rawson
The Honorable Carroll Robertson Ray (J.D. ’02) and Hugh M. Ray
Gina S. Rebman and John R. Rebman
Jennifer Reichek (M.Ed. ’94, Ed.D. ’03) and
Robert Reichek (’69)
Gary L. Reinsch (’79) and Sharon K. Reinsch
Don R. Riddle (’66) and Jenny Riddle
James Roach (J.D. ’82) and Carol Roach
Kathy Roberts
Sue Roberts (’89, O.D. ’91) and Douglas Roberts
Lillie T. Robertson
The Honorable Wilhelmina “Beth” Robertson (Honorary ’98)
Beverly K. Robinson and Howard Robinson
Leslie W. Robinson (M.S.W. ’82) and Russ Robinson
Minnette Robinson
Rosemary S. Rodd (’73)
Dana C. Rooks and Charles W. Rooks
Sybil F. Roos
Shirley E. Rose (’60, M.Ed. ’69, Ed.D. ’73) and Donald Rose*
Leonard Rosenberg (J.D. ’53) and Sandy Rosenberg
Dona Rowe and Alan Rowe
Charles D. Roxburgh (’62, M.S. ’63) and
Shirley L. Roxburgh
Patrick Ryan
Lindy Rydman and John Rydman
Barbara G. Samuels (Ed.D. ’82) and
J. V. Samuels (Honorary ’16)
Christine M. Sanders (’91)
The Honorable Don A. Sanders and
Laura Sanders (’03, M.Ed. ’10)
Louisa Stude Sarofim
Susan Sarofim and Fayez Sarofim
Charles L. Schmidt (’57)
Billie Schneider
Darryl A. Schroeder (’69) and
Lori L. Blackmon-Schroeder
Russell K. Schulze, III (’67, ’72) and
Mary Margaret Schulze
Peggy L. Seaver (’88, M.B.A. ’91) and
Christopher T. Seaver
Margaret S. Sheriff
Sue Shirley-Howard (’81) and Richard Howard
Carey Shuart
Lori P. Shulman (O.D. ’82) and
Lanny M. Shulman (’72, O.D. ’81, Ph.D. ’98)
James G. Slaughter, Jr. (’70) and
Shirley A. Slaughter
David Smalley (’79) and Melanie Parker
Anita W. Smith and Gerald B. Smith
Jeanie Smith and Marshall Smith, III
The Honorable Thaddeus Smith, III (’67) and Josanna Smith (’80)
Larry Snider (’55) and Gerri Snider
David Sparks
Stephen Stagner
Lois M. Stegall
Tamara Steele (’99) and Matthew B. Steele (’00)
Murray Stinson (FS ’68) and Sharon Stinson
Judy Stover
John K. Stubblefield (’70)
Herman D. Suit (’48, Honorary ’11) and
Joan C. Suit
Rhonda J. Sweeney (M.B.A. ’79) and
Donald G. Sweeney
William P. Swenson (J.D. ’87) and
Sandra Swenson
Susan K. Thompson and John D. Thompson
Shirley W. Toomim
Patricia Tubbs
Bradford Tucker (J.D. ’79) and Stephanie Tucker
Salah A. Turkmani (’77, M.S. ’79) and
Chang Turkmani
Wayne Turner (’71) and Patsy Turner
David Vandewater (UHCL M.S. ’77) and
Phyllis Vandewater
Juan Vasquez, Jr. (J.D. ’01)
Mary Ann Vela (’75) and Al Vela (’62)
Richard Walla (’74) and Jane Walla
Andy Waters (J.D. ’86) and Liz Waters
Martin Odell Watts (’75) and Janet Watts
Betsy Cook Weber (’95) and Frederic A. Weber
Kathy Welch (M.B.A. ’78) and
John Unger (J.D. ’77)
Janice M. Wensveen (M.S. ’93, Ph.D. ’98) and Earl L. Smith, III (’72, O.D. ’72, M.S. ’75, Ph.D. ’78)
Kimberly Wilkinson (’93) and
Trey Wilkinson (’92, M.B.A. ’02)
Gregory S. Williams (FS ’88)
Kimberli Williams
Margaret Alkek Williams
Bruce Williamson (M.B.A. ’95) and
Kim Williamson
Floyd Wilson (FS ’72) and Kimberly Wilson
Lisa Wilson and Craig G. Wilson
The Honorable Welcome W. Wilson, Sr. (’49, Honorary ’13) and Joanne G. Wilson (’52)
The Honorable Welcome W. Wilson, Jr. (FS ’74) and Anita Wilson (FS ’82)
Barbara W. Winston (M.S.W. ’84)
Bert Winston, III
Blake Winston
David Winston
Deborah Winston
Phillip W. Winston (FS ’97)
Mariette Woestemeyer (’76, M.B.A. ’77) and Ronald Woestemeyer (’68)
Melvyn L. Wolff (’53)* and Cyvia G. Wolff
Ellen Wong (’83, M.B.A. ’85) and
Dominic Kin-Man Ng (’80)
William D. Wood (J.D. ’84)
William H. Worrell (’69)
Bill Yeoman
Ronald B. Yokubaitis (J.D. ’68) and
Carolyn M. Yokubaitis
Susie Zimmerman (’64) and
Alvin Zimmerman (’64, J.D. ’67)
* Deceased

Corporate and Foundation Donors (Our University partners who have given a total of $5,000,000 or more as of February 1, 2019)

AT&T, Incorporated
C.T. Bauer Foundation
BP America, Incorporated
The Brown Foundation, Incorporated
Chevron Corporation
The Cullen Foundation
Cullen Trust for Higher Education
ExxonMobil Corporation
The George Foundation
Greater Texas Foundation
Halliburton Company
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Conrad N. Hilton Foundation
W.B. Hirsch Charitable Trust
Houston Endowment, Incorporated
John P. McGovern Foundation
Cynthia & George Mitchell Foundation
National Oilwell Varco, Incorporated
Immanuel & Helen Olshan Foundation
The John M. O’Quinn Foundation
Schlumberger Limited
Shell Oil Company
Sterling-Turner Foundation
The Robert A. Welch Foundation
The Wortham Foundation, Incorporated