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From McAllen to Houston-Jose Zamora

Jose Zamora, B.S. Computer Engineering Technology, ’12, didn’t plan on graduating from the University of Houston. Born and raised in McAllen, Texas, Zamora saw Houston’s university as simply a starting point from which he would transfer to another university. “UH’s Tier One education program grew on me more and more. I fell in love with all the growth happening right before my eyes.” By the end of his first year at UH, Zamora decided he was already at his future alma mater. “Ultimately, the University of Houston is located in a great city that I knew I would eventually call home. It would only make sense for me to engrave myself into this opportunity.”

Zamora was intrigued by the breadth and depth of the College of Technology curricula. As a computer engineering technology major, he studied theory even as he learned hardware configurations and the software programs that make the hardware function. While still a student he jumped at the opportunity to intern at MCA Communications, a communications technology integration company, where he is a project engineer today. “UH taught me that in order to achieve your goals you have to understand what you want, make a plan and then simply, take massive action to get what you want.”

Today Zamora is designing another plan – one that embraces his childhood home of McAllen. “I believe we live in a society where not many young people are given the opportunity or encouragement to go out and get what they want,” he says. “My dream is to help young people in McAllen, show them that no matter what they are going through or have been through, it is ultimately our obligation to own our lives and make our dreams reality.”

For Zamora, the UH experience also taught him a life lesson that applies inside and outside the workplace. “Everything you put your name on or your stamp on is a representation of who you are and will either make you or break you.”